I am an expressionist artist specializing in vibrant, colorful abstracts painted with bold brushstrokes, that are inspired by places I have been. I will paint over the first layers of my paintings and continue painting over additional layers to create thick paintings with a depth that mirrors the deep layers in my memory.

Northern California Coast: 

I am always inspired by the calming blues and soft grays of the oceans and bays.  The flow of the waves and the cleansing salt air is the constant of beautiful vistas.

The varied blues are mellow and methodical and express memories of meandering the small towns of the coast.

The Sierras & Lake Tahoe: 

Since I first moved to Northern California I have been awed by the beauty of Lake Tahoe and its surroundings.

In my Tahoe paintings, I capture the beauty of Winter's snow in some paintings and Spring flowers in others. Some of my paintings also include the bright accent colors of boats, cabins and visitors.

Southern California: 

The bright colors of Los Angeles, Orange County, and San Diego are invigorating and captivating.  Thinking about my Southern California experiences as I paint, I find the colors brighter and the shapes more formed than when I paint more remote and expansive locations in Northern California. Viewers can feel the warmth of the sun and the energy of Southern California in this destination catalog.


My visits to High Desert locations of the Southwest move me like my times spent on the coast. The land speaks to me in magical and calm ways when I visit, and the warm colors and soft purples affect me.

I have visited Sedona many times with the kids and my parents. We made such special memories with extended family - generations of family, like the history of these lands.  I also have been to the red rocks of Utah, Mt. Zion and New Mexico.  All places that rival the beauties of the California Coast. 


Destinations in Color