In these portfolio are select paintings from my Series "Special Spaces" and "Side Currents" - a mix of shorter collections.  

Special Spaces 

"Special Spaces" goes further into expression.  These are the paintings inspired by specific and effective experiences in my life.  They not only portray the beauty, colors and shapes of beautiful destinations but the feelings, thoughts and emotions of single special moments in my memory.   

These moments span time from when I was a little girl sitting in my grandparents' rose filled garden in Maine - to watching outdoor theater at Prescott Park in Portsmouth, N.H. as a child -  to having my own children and sharing art with them.  I have been fortunate to always look at the world as an artist - I can vividly remember scenes, colors and feeling and I think to myself what a colorful wonderful world. 

Side Currents 

In between the abstract expressionist collections of work, I would be side tracked briefly by other subjects and figurative ideas from sailboats to animals and flowers.  All the paintings were sold to clients with more literal tastes and they were fun to paint. They also remind me of specific times in my recent life where I was involved in different areas and with different events in the art world .  The cow paintings are rooted in a time where I noticed them in striking areas of Arizona and Napa Valley.  The sailing paintings are when I dreamed about being on the ocean during the years we lived in Sacramento.  Like paintings in all my series, every painting has a special and intimate story behind its creation. 

Special Spaces & Sidecurrents